Centralized Interpreter Referral Service

CONTACT: HAZEL DAVIS at (912) 657-2784

Savannah Speech and Hearing Center is pleased to announce a new program – the Centralized Interpreter Referral Service (CIRS).

Hazel Davis, CIRS Coordinator

Interpreted situations occur where and when clear, accurate communication needs to take place between a deaf or hard of hearing person and a hearing person. The responsibility of the interpreter is to interpret everything that is said into sign language and to interpret everything that is signed into spoken English.

CIRS interpreters serve as facilitators of communication, rendering the message faithfully and conveying both the content and spirit of participants. Please call Hazel Davis at (912) 657-2784  or email HazelD39@comcast.net for more information.

Please feel free to view our  CIRS Brochure!

Interpreter Information

If you are an interpreter and have questions or if you would like to become an interpreter for C.I.R.S., please contact Hazel Davis at (912) 657-2784 or via email at HazelD39@comcast.net .

Click below to download a CIRS Interpreter’s Timesheet:

CIRS Interpreter Timesheet