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Better Hearing and Speech Month: You Want to Lose Your Ears?

We found a great infographic to learn what objects can harm your hearing as well as quick facts and recommendations on how you can preserve your hearing! Check out some of the tips below.

Did you know? We have approximately 15,000 hair cells in each ear! That seems like a lot, right? Well, loud noises and prolonged exposure to high volume levels can damage the cells easier than you might think. And once the cells are gone, they are gone.

In the infographic below, you will see a few examples of what objects at a certain volume can damage your hearing. A good rule to go by to prevent hearing loss from these objects is this: If someone is 3 feet away and you cannot what they are saying, that means the noise level could be damaging to your ears! Take a look and see how you can prevent hearing loss.

Fun fact: Here are a few celebrities that suffer from hearing loss: Neil Young, Sting, Bono, Thorne Yorke, Phil Collins, Sylvester Stallone. Do you see a common thread between some of these celebrities? Hint: Most are in the music industry.

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Patricia Vansa, mother of Peyton (a Sound Start student) was selected for the WLC success stories series

Patricia Vansa, mother of Peyton (A Sound Start Student), and recipient of the Women’s Legacy Council transportation assistance was selected for the WLC success stories series.

Watch this video to see how The United Way’s Women’s Legacy Council and Savannah Speech and Hearing Center have had an impact on Patricia Vansa, a Sound Start parent and mother of two hearing impaired boys.

United Way – Women’s Legacy Council Luncheon

WLC Luncheon

Ann Curry, Volunteer Coordinator | Anne Smith, Board member | Beth McIntosh, Director of SSHC | Patricia Vansa, mother of Peyton and recipient of the WLC transportation assistance and part of the selected WLC success stories | Tracy Edenfield, Teacher of the Deaf at Sound Start

National Women’s Health Week: How Hearing Can Affect Your Overall Health

National Women’s Health Week: How Hearing Can Affect Your Overall Health

May 8 – 14, 2016

This week is National Women’s Health Week and we want to shine a light on the importance of how hearing can have an affect on the overall health of a woman.

Hearing loss among women of all ages is on the rise across the U.S with two-thirds of women in their 60’s experiencing some degree of hearing loss. But don’t think this is just occurring for aging women, women in their 20’s are also experiencing an increase in hearing loss to some degree. Most degrees of hearing loss can be remedied or improved with hearing aids.

As we have pointed out to our reader’s, the majority of those who seek treatment for hearing loss see an improvement in their quality of life. This includes better hearing in many settings and a positive effect on their social lives, relationships at home and in the workplace as well as how they view themselves.

However, research has also shown a noteworthy link between hearing loss and other health issues such as mental health, overall physical health, dementia and falling among others.

“Hearing loss may be preventable and there are dietary and lifestyle factors, such as maintaining a healthy weight, staying physically active, eating a healthy diet that includes fish, not smoking, limiting the use of over-the-counter analgesics, and avoiding excessive noise exposure, that may help conserve hearing,” said Sharon G. Curhan, MD, MSc of the Channing Division of Network Medicine, Department of Medicine, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School. “For those with hearing loss, early detection is especially important.”

Below are six tips every woman should know about hearing health:

  1. Women with hearing loss are more likely to be depressed.
  2. The ear may show earlier signs of heart complications due to it’s sensitivity to blood flow.
  3. If you have diabetes, you are twice as likely to have hearing loss.
  4. Many of the same lifestyle behaviors that affect the heart impact hearing.
  5. Hearing loss in women is tied to common pain relievers.
  6. Addressing hearing loss may benefit cognitive function.

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Stacey Silverman Nominated for the 37th Annual Volunteer Recognition Award

Stacey Silverman Nominated by Savannah Speech & Hearing Center for the 37th Annual Volunteer Recognition Award Presented by United Way HandsOn Savannah

SAVANNAH, Ga. – Savannah Speech & Hearing Center, a nonprofit organization serving the speech pathology and audiology needs of the Coastal Empire, has nominated Stacey Silverman to win the 37th Annual Volunteer Recognition Award presented by United Way HandsOn Savannah.

Silverman has been an instrumental component of the Savannah Speech & Hearing Center’s volunteer program, volunteering with the Stroke Group and the Annual Hammond for Hope Fundraiser. She also assists with the mass school hearing screenings conducted for public and private schools in Chatham County.

“We are so grateful for Stacey’s hard work and dedication she exhibits to the members and staff at the Savannah Speech & Hearing Center,” said Ann Curry, volunteer coordinator for the Savannah Speech & Hearing Center. “We would not be able to reach as many of those in need of our services if it were not for volunteers like Stacey.”

A current resident of Savannah, Silverman will be graduating from Armstrong University in the spring. She has been accepted to and will be attending Georgia State University Graduate School to pursue a master’s degree in Communication and Science Disorders this fall.

Silverman was among 28 volunteers nominated in the Health and Human Services category at the 37th Annual Volunteer Recognition and Awards Luncheon on Wednesday, April 27.

A Day in the Sound Start Classroom

Fueling The Community at PARKER’S

Parkers PumpPal

Add Code 1700 to your Parker’s Gas Card for Sound Start!

Parker’s PumpPal Gas Cards at Parker’s Convenience Store/Gas Stations has a program called “Fueling the Community”.  The program donates one cent from every gallon of gas sold on the first Wednesday of every month at Parker’s locations throughout the area.  If you don’t already have a Parker’s card, you can pick one up at any location – the following link has more info:

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A Letter from Greg Parker:


Did you ever wish your favorite local school could receive additional funding to benefit students and enhance learning? The new Fueling  the Community program at Parker’s donates one cent from every gallon of gas sold on the first Wednesday of every month at Parker’s locations throughout  the area.

As a PumpPal member, you can designate a specific public or private school as your preferred recipient of charitable donations. Just click the link below to add your favorite school’s code number to your PumpPal profile:

Thank you for your support and for making a difference in local schools!

Gregory M. Parker  
The Parker Companies / Savannah, GA 31401 /

Sound Start 2016 Easter Egg Hunt at Daffin Park

How Do You Treat Hearing Loss?

How Do You Treat Hearing Loss? The Answers May Say A Lot About You.

You may be surprised by the five things treating hearing loss can say about you. Some people refuse to consult a doctor or seek treatment because they are afraid or embarrassed that it will reflect poorly on who they are as a person. This is not true! It has been proven that those who seek treatment for hearing loss or wear hearing aids, live a better quality of life than those who don’t. Check out these five inspiring traits those who treat hearing loss may have:

  1. You’re a go-getter.

It has been proven that those who have hearing loss and use hearing aids are more likely to ambitiously attack a problem. In the workforce, some say that it has even improved their job performance.

  1. You value your relationships.

Addressing your hearing loss shows your family, friends, and those who interact with you that you care about each relationship. It shows a commitment to be involved in the relationship through communication and improve those relationships. As a result, your social network has the foundation to grow and be strengthened.

  1. You like to be active.

For some, to have a fulfilling life you must have an active lifestyle exploring and socializing with others. Treating your hearing loss shows commitment and intent that you plan on finding the simple pleasures in activities and not letting your social life fall to the wayside.

  1. You love living life.

When you love life, it is likely you will not let anything get in the way, including hearing loss. By addressing your hearing loss, you are showing those around you that you are passionate about your quality of life and want to take control of anything that becomes a potential obstacle. According to research, addressing your hearing loss may even leave you feeling more engaged and optimistic.

  1. You’re tech savvy and make the most of what modern life has to offer.

Technology has produced so many avenues and opportunities for those who want to treat their hearing loss. By taking advantage of these options you are showing that you will not be left behind with outdated tactics. Hearing aids capture three major advantages that modern technology offers us including efficiency, solutions, and a better quality of life.

Are you surprised by the potential traits you may posses based on how you treat hearing loss? Are you inspired by any? If so, strive to obtain these traits by addressing your hearing loss today! Not only do you have the potential to hear better but in turn, it can have an exponentially positive affect on your life.

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Sound Start class welcomes a very special visitor!

Here Comes Peter Cotton-tail!

Oh boy! This past week, the Sound Start class welcomed a very special visitor: the Easter bunny himself! The kids could not contain their excitement as the Easter bunny came to deliver eggs and visit during their school day. They got to take pictures and talk with the Easter bunny one-on-one and take a group picture with all of their classmates!

The class received an extra special treat when the “real” Easter bunny came as well!  It was an eventful and fun day for all!

Thank you!

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