Savannah Speech & Hearing Center: Volunteer Opportunities


The Savannah Speech and Hearing Center offers a variety of activities for volunteers.

These activities include:

  •  hearing screening
  • participation in health fairs
  • front office duties
  • working with a group of stroke survivors to improve communication skills.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Ann Curry, today by calling (912) 355-4601 or by emailing Mrs. Curry at .

Hearing Screening

Screening hearing involves learning to use a small portable screening device called an audiometer. A training session two to three hours in length is required, followed by on-the-job practice with an experienced volunteer screener. Hearing screening tests are provided to children as well as to adults, at health fairs, wellness programs, public and private schools, church groups, and so forth. Hearing screening activities take place at the center as well as off-site locations. There are no charges for these volunteer services.

Stroke Group

This free program is for speech-impaired persons who have had a stroke or head injury. Most no longer receive professional speech therapy services. The program is conducted by volunteers who are trained and supervised by the speech pathology staff. Group participant’s work on improving and maintaining skills associated with speaking, listening, reading and writing. A one-to-two hour training session is required, followed by on-the-job practice.

Other Volunteer Activities

Other volunteer activities include assisting professionals in a free cleft palate clinic, giving various public talks as part of the center’s public education program and various administrative support such as helping with bulk mailings and clerical activities.

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Savannah Speech & Hearing Center Honors

2010 Volunteer of the Year: Jean Finley Giblin, Age 86.

  Savannah Speech and Hearing Center will bestow the time honored Annie F. Oliver Volunteer of the Year Award to Ms. Jean Finley Giblin, age 86, on Thursday, February 10, 2011 at 3:30pm at the Center’s 66th Street location.

Savannah, Georgia – February 2, 2011 — Savannah Speech and Hearing Center, an organization that has provided speech and hearing services to Savannahians since 1954, is honoring the people who make it possible to provide a myriad of extended services to the community – their volunteers.  This year, special recognition is being given to a volunteer who has contributed her time and attention to multiple programs and venues, Ms. Jean Finley Giblin.

Ms. Giblin will be honored during a volunteer reception to be held Thursday, February 10, from 3:30 to 5:00pm at Savannah Speech and Hearing Center at 1206 E. 66th Street in Savannah – the Centers location for more than 57 years. She will be given the time honored Annie F. Oliver Volunteer Award to be shared with it’s more than 29 prior recipients. 

 Jean Finley Giblin originally of Janesville, Wisconsin, earned her BS in Nursing at St. Xavier’s College in Chicago, IL. After graduation she married, Charlie Giblin, and the couple moved to New Orleans, LA.  It was there that she started her family (four children) and her career. Jean went to work as a staff nurse at Touro Infirmary. She also volunteered with the local Catholic Church and school. Jean says her most “Notable volunteering” experience was as the organizer of the Wild Animal booth at the school fair. The so called “wild animals” were gold fish and parakeets. Every child was a winner. Some parents were not as enthusiastic as Jean.

Jean recalls her most “dramatic volunteering” experience was as a Army Volunteer in New Orleans after Hurricane Betsy in 1965. Jean commandeered the medical crew from her church to rescue people in flooded areas around the Mississippi River.  

 Charlie’s job moved the family to Atlanta, GA., where, Jean worked at Crawford Long Hospital and later at Northside Hospital. At Northside Hospital, she became Director of Nursing. Outside of the hospital, Jean continued her volunteering.  This time, Jean worked at an inner city methadone clinic in addition to her volunteer work wherein she traveled to the Philippines to recruit nurses for the hospital.

 Again, Charlie’s job moved the Giblin family, this time to St Louis, MO., where Jean worked at St. Luke’s Hospital. While at St. Luke’s she volunteered to teach the entire hospital how to tell military time. “The 24 hour clock is not as easy as it seems.”

 Jean and Charlie then moved to Plant City, FL., where Jean volunteered in the Emergency Department of the local hospital.  It was there that she also volunteered at the worlds largest Strawberry Festival.

 Jean’s next move brought her to Savannah, GA., where Jean continued her volunteering at Memorial Medical Center and the Social Apostolate.  Jean, now celebrating more than 80 wonderful years of life, says she has found “a permanent home at Savannah Speech and Hearing”.  Jean and a host of other dedicated volunteers perform hearing screenings for Savannah Area Schools on behalf of Savannah Speech and Hearing Center.

When asked what she loves most about her voluntary position, Jean regaled us with stories of the children being screened, their willingness to participate, their good behavior and the pride she takes in being the one who “cuddles, explains and teaches”. 

 Ann Curry, Volunteer Coordinator for Savannah Speech and Hearing Center says of Jean Giblin: “She always has a hearty laugh and a big smile for all she encounters.” When asked about her years of volunteering, Jean says,” it was nothing special; it was what living is all about.”

 Jean and the other volunteers at Savannah Speech and Hearing Center collectively logged over 1000 hours in the Savannah Community.  The hearing screening volunteers logged over 800 of those hours – 650 of which were done between August and December of 2010.

 Anyone interested in volunteering for Savannah Speech and Hearing Center should contact Ann Curry at (912) 355-4601 or visit the Center’s website at


Theresa Winters Bayman, Marketing Manager
Savannah Speech and Hearing Center

(912) 355-4601 Fax: (912) 355-7935


2009 Volunteers Were Honored

Savannah Speech and Hearing Center again honored the people who make it possible to provide a myriad of extended services to the community – their volunteers. For 2009, special recognition was given to a volunteer who has contributed her time and attention to multiple programs and venues, Ms. Ulla Michels.

Ms. Ulla Michels and the other Savannah Speech and Hearing Center Volunteers were honored at a volunteer reception on Tuesday, February 23, 2010.

Ulla Michels’ profession was Kindergarten teacher. She worked in several places in Germany eventually co-founding a family school in Northern Germany, which she directed for ten years. Family schools are essential for young couples who can take part in courses regarding pre natal skills, and who practically and theoretically learn how to raise their children, cooking, family law and much more. The school expanded and is still in great shape after 30 years. Ulla left after ten years to embark on a four year trip around the globe with her husband on their sailing vessel. The couple enjoyed trans-Atlantic trips for another three years. In 1996 they settled in their favorite place, the Isle of Hope, GA. Ulla’s friend, Patty Carver worked for Savannah Speech and Hearing Center at that time and asked Ulla for her voluntary assistance. Ulla’s love of people especially those in need of help started her volunteering with the SSHC Stroke Group – which meets each Friday at the Center. In 2000 Ulla herself needed medical help and had to rest from work for nearly a year when she had to undergo difficult surgeries following her cancer treatment of 1997. In 2001 she started doing hearing tests in schools for Savannah Speech and Hearing Center. Ulla says she enjoys volunteering in the speech and hearing program because she is able to work with children again.

“We are just so lucky to have such a wonderful volunteer” said Ann Curry, Volunteer Coordinator for Savannah Speech and Hearing Center. “I can always depend on Ulla.”


From Jan 2009- Dec 2009 volunteers screened 6,222 children & 61 adults in

  • 17 Preschools
  • 9 Elementary schools
  • 7 Middle schools
  • 5 Private schools
  • Health fairs and Senior Centers

Volunteers spent time with Sound Start children, the Friday Stroke Support Group, the Hammond Library, our fall fundraiser.


  • The estimated dollar value of volunteer time is $20.25 per hour.
  • Savannah Speech and Hearing Volunteers gave over 828 hours.

Please call Ann Curry, Volunteer Coordinator, to schedule your volunteer hours today!

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