Savannah Speech & Hearing Center: Volunteer Opportunities


The Savannah Speech and Hearing Center offers a variety of activities for volunteers.

These activities include:

  • hearing screening
  • participation in health fairs
  • front office duties
  • working with a group of stroke survivors to improve communication skills.

If you are interested in volunteering, please contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Ann Curry, today by calling (912) 355-4601 or by emailing Mrs. Curry at .

Hearing Screening

Screening hearing involves learning to use a small portable screening device called an audiometer. A training session two to three hours in length is required, followed by on-the-job practice with an experienced volunteer screener. Hearing screening tests are provided to children as well as to adults, at health fairs, wellness programs, public and private schools, church groups, and so forth. Hearing screening activities take place at the center as well as off-site locations. There are no charges for these volunteer services.

Stroke Group

This free program is for speech-impaired persons who have had a stroke or head injury. Most no longer receive professional speech therapy services. The program is conducted by volunteers who are trained and supervised by the speech pathology staff. Group participant’s work on improving and maintaining skills associated with speaking, listening, reading and writing. A one-to-two hour training session is required, followed by on-the-job practice.

Other Volunteer Activities

Other volunteer activities include assisting professionals in a free cleft palate clinic, giving various public talks as part of the center’s public education program and various administrative support such as helping with bulk mailings and clerical activities.

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Honoring Linda Larson and Charles Golphin as 2017 Volunteers of the Year

6,940 students! That’s the number of students screened in 2017 through Savannah Speech and Hearing Center’s Hearing Screening Program!

Children with hearing loss fall behind peers in speech, language, learning, and social skills. To identify and serve these children, the Georgia Department of Public Health mandates school hearing screenings. This is an enormous task, but we made it happen. In 2017, we screened at 31 public and private schools, preschool through 11th grade, in Chatham, Bryan and Effingham Counties.

This task could only have been accomplished with the help of generous volunteers like Linda Larson and Charles Golphin, who we proudly nominate for Volunteers of the Year! Linda retired from Lutheran Services in 2014 and is an active SSHC Volunteer. She participated in the Center’s training and now goes with us into schools to perform hearing screenings. She enjoys interacting with students of all ages and believes the time spent screening keeps her young! Charles retired to Savannah from Miami, where he worked as a Public Administrator, and at one time served as a Loaned Executive for United Way of Miami. Charles also trained as an SSHC Volunteer, and enjoys going to schools, meeting students, and knowing he makes a difference by performing hearing screenings.

Linda and Charles are generous, kind and always willing to show up. SSHC is grateful for their dedication. One student at a time, almost 7000 times in a school year–that’s an invaluable gift from these extraordinary volunteers.

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  • The estimated dollar value of volunteer time is $20.25 per hour.
  • Savannah Speech and Hearing Volunteers gave over 828 hours.

Please call Ann Curry, Volunteer Coordinator, to schedule your volunteer hours today!

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