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Cochlear Implant Program

A cochlear implant is a surgically implanted device designed to assist patients who have a severe to profound hearing impairment and receive little to no benefit from traditional amplification. Our audiologists evaluate, map, and manage the audiologic portion for patients with a cochlear implant. If you feel as though your hearing loss is severe enough to warrant a cochlear implant evaluation, please contact our office to schedule and evaluation. Keep in mind that you will need a doctor’s referral for a Cochlear Implant Evaluation in order to schedule a Cochlear Evaluation. Thanks!

We ONLY service Cochlear Americas Cochlear Implants.

If you have been implanted with a cochlear implant from a different manufacturer, please contact your manufacturer for service providers in your area.

For our patients with Cochlear Americas Cochlear Implants, you will need to contact Cochlear’s Online Store for services including hardware replacement, lost or broken parts (coils, magnets etc.),  batteries and other hardware related issues.  Contact Savannah Speech and Hearing Center for issues regarding Mapping/Programming.  You can contact Cochlear Americas Customer Service at 1-800-483-3123 V/TTY or you may go to the Cochlear Americas ONLINE STORE   (you may also click the Cochlear Logo at the top of the Page) for Parts, Troubleshooting and General Customer Service. Please note, you will need to register on your first visit only.  A login is required for subsequent visits.  A LIVE CHAT is also available online.

If you have questions or need to contact Savannah Speech and Hearing Center about your Cochlear Implant, you may do so by email at .


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