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Toddlers, Babies, and Books, Oh My!

How to Introduce Toddlers and Babies to Books

Do you ever question when the best time is to introduce your little one to books? The answer is anytime is the best time! Interacting and making reading fun for your little one is important for their future engagements with books and reading to nurture literacy skills early on. notes that reading a few minutes at a time is okay, so do not worry if you do not finish the entire book. This is because, as you may know, young children cannot sit for more than a few minutes. What counts is that you are introducing books to your little one and reading to them a little at a time.

According to, there are multiple ways to make your little one comfortable with reading. Talking or singing the pictures instead of reading the words offers a different take on reading time because they will become more engaged. Another way to help your little one become comfortable with reading is by letting them turn the pages. Babies and toddlers often enjoy being independent, so by allowing them to turn the page of the book, they feel involved. Not only is it important to let your child be independent during reading time, but it is also important to engage them and explain what you are doing. By showing children the cover page of each book, this describes what the story is about or they can guess what the story is about. Showing children the words by running your finger left to right across the words engages them more, and creating voices of characters and using body movements makes the story come alive.

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